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automatica 2023 / Supporting program

Supporting program

A 360° view of automation and robotics: our supporting program.

automatica gives you the world's most comprehensive overview of automation technology components and systems. And a supporting program that provides focal points and experiences within this broad spectrum – oscillating between focus and foresight, theory and practice, status quo and the future. Find out what the world's leading robotics and AI experts have to say on the entire range of industry-specific topics and how current robot models hold up in hands-on tests. automatica has a special focus on dialog and discussions in its approach to covering and driving your automation opportunities.

What characterizes a world-leading exhibition? That it also offers a top-notch supporting program providing real added value through successful formats. 96 percent of visitors confirmed the supporting program’s relevance and topicality in 2022, and it will be further complemented and optimized in 2023.The focal points in 2023 will include intralogistics, service robotics, and support for young talent. And then there is much more:

Hightech Summit

The interdisciplinary munich_i Hightech Summit puts a spotlight on the current state of research and applications in robotics and AI from a unique angle, and discusses responsible technological change. Leading international technology drivers and pioneers from sci-ence and industry will discuss the central aspects of interaction between human and artificial intelligence, and provide guidance as to which technologies will be relevant in the future and which industry standards will prevail.

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The AI.Society exhibition and dialog platform is an important part of munich_i. It presents exciting use cases and lighthouse projects from across the four pivotal fields of work, healthcare, mobility, and environment – including close encounters with prototypes and specific applications. It explores areas that will see the greatest impact of these innovative technologies and new applications that will bene-fit us in the future. The integrated i_space forum looks far beyond technical feasibility aspects of robotics and automation. Its interdisciplinary expert panels with plenty of networking opportunities focus on new approaches and future scenarios.

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Young talent will demonstrate their capabilities at the munich_i Robothon® online. This collaborative development competition challenges its participants to turn fresh ideas into software and hardware at impressive speed.

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automatica Forum

From trend analyses all the way to best practice examples: The automatica Forum offers you first-hand expert knowledge on the mega-trends of automation. Hybrid elements complement our “classic” format, thus expanding possibilities and target groups.

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Start Up Arena

The Start-Up Arena promotes networking between innovators, industry, and investors so that new ideas can be developed to market maturity.

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Service Robot City

NEW: Record-breaking growth rates and an ever-expanding scope of applications indicate that service robots are on their way to becoming omnipresent. This is more than enough reason to dedicate even more space to this topic with great public appeal. The joint Service Robot City pavilion offers an exciting overview of the numerous application fields for service robots such as Health, Hospitality, Retail, Work, and Inspection & Monitoring. This is the place to experience innovative exhibits in action – and effective solutions to problems associated with the lack of specialists. Perfect example: the Robot Restaurant is partly staffed by machines, making it a centerpiece and highlight of the service robotics exhibition.

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Odense Investor Summit

The Odense Investor Summit is aimed at investors who want to step up their activities in the market and are looking for the right partner to do so. The program of around 2.5 hours is part of the Start-up Arena and presents investment opportunities in 15 company pitches.

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Interoperability Showcase

The Interoperability Showcase presents standards for manufacturer-independent communication between automation devices and illustrates concepts such as OPC UA, digital twin, asset administration shell, and UMATI dashboards.

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The TestZone has evolved to showcasing exciting robotics exhibits from the fields of cobots and no-code. Here, automation newcomers have a unique opportunity to experience several innovative robotics and automation applications live and up close – and to try them out for themselves.

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Vision Expert Huddles

The interactive Vision Expert Huddles presentation concept in the Machine Vision Pavilion will enter its second round in 2023. Short keynotes on the latest technologies and trends in machine vision invite trade fair visitors to directly engage with experts on site.

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Maschine Vision Asentics Hall B5.302

Smart Maintenance Pavillon

Our new edition of the Smart Maintenance Pavilion demonstrates the significance of smart and predictive maintenance in automated production processes.

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automatica 2023
June 27-30, 2023
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