Maintenance of the future: the Smart Maintenance Pavilion

A holistic approach to excellent production processes

The maintenance of the future ensures maximum production efficiency, reduces the TCO, and guarantees maximum availability and flexibility – thus increasing profits. Digitization and the resulting networking of process management and plant operation make maintenance technicians the backbone of the Factory 4.0. The Smart Maintenance Pavilion inspires an in-depth examination of this overarching issue and covers other important maintenance-related topics, too – such as energy and resource efficiency, industrial services, digital after sales services as well as industrial IT applications.

Inseparably linked: smart factory and smart maintenance

Digital technology offers huge potential to companies as it paves the way to smart and networked production facilities. Extensive predictive maintenance efforts in production facilities play an important role in increasing efficiency in terms of expenses and resources. As part of holistic asset management, it becomes a cross-departmental interface and ensures both maximum system uptime and flexibility.

Maintenance, not downtime

The purpose of smart maintenance is to ensure smooth and uninterrupted operations at all times. Unplanned downtime costs a lot of money and threatens to disrupt the superordinate production process. Therefore, a smooth and uninterrupted production process with quality assurance and without unnecessary maintenance work is of the essence for companies. Problem: Many companies are still in the initial stages of implementing smart maintenance and need a whole lot of information to get it right. They often focus entirely on costs even though maintenance, when properly integrated in existing production processes, can quickly evolve from being a cost factor to adding value.

A holistic approach to smart maintenance

Maintenance is becoming an important interdisciplinary technology. Thus, the Smart Maintenance Pavilion also covers other important maintenance-related parts of the value chain and picks up topics such as energy and resource management, industrial services, digital after sales models as well as industrial IT solutions. It is a holistic approach that is also reflected in the pavilion's individual building blocks.

Live demonstrations in the Demo Park, talks in the Speakers Corner, and innovative product presentations by exhibitors offer an exciting mix of theory and practice with significant added value – not just for maintenance pros. The offer is also aimed at interested individuals from other corporate divisions. Whether plant developer, production planner, process engineer, supply chain manager, etc.: It is the perfect place for anyone looking to get a substantial overview and to make interdisciplinary contributions to process optimization efforts.

Innovative and highly relevant: the exhibits

While Knowtion reveals Predicto, an easy-to-use IIoT platform for predictive maintenance, Smart Inspection presents their industrial inspection solutions using drones, robots, cloud computing, and artificial intelligence. They will have multiple daily presentations of how their autonomous robot Spot does its job.

H&H Systeme puts a self-learning maintenance management system in the spotlight, which is capable of communicating with all common ERP systems. VSight Remote shows how to provide excellent service through remote maintenance solutions and interactive digital manuals without incurring any travel expenses.

PRÜFTECHNIK, a Fluke Cooperation company, is a leading provider of maintenance technology tailored to the fields of shaft alignment, vibration analysis, condition monitoring, and nondestructive testing.

Also on site: Dressler Automation with a quality assurance and maintenance solution for robot-based production facilities, and Membrain presenting how mobile maintenance can be paperless, quick, and safe with SAP.

Software AG and its partners Sematicon and CyProtect explain how companies can protect themselves against cyber attacks in production. With the highly available and scalable cloud apps from Aunovis, you can maintain an overview in the smart factory, both for condition monitoring and work preparation. Condition Monitoring to Go is the smart solution from Messfeld and dankl + partner to easily record machine data even without integrated sensors. And last but not least, the Japanese company Ball Wave is presenting a drone with an odor sensor to detect gas leaks.

The Meet the Experts Lounge

A varied program will be offered daily in the Speakers Corner. In addition to live demos with the robot dog Spot, the presentations by exhibitors and partners offer a broad spectrum of valuable practical knowledge. It ranges from extended reality solutions for remote maintenance, field service applications and predictive maintenance examples to the use of AI technologies for modern maintenance. In addition to the exhibiting companies, speakers from the Fraunhofer Institute, SAP, IBM and Slalom will also be present.

Range of topics

  • Predictive maintenance
  • condition monitoring, data acquisition and sensor technology
  • software solutions for maintenance, plants, and process management
  • cyber security
  • data analytics, simulation, digital twin, artificial intelligence
  • mobile maintenance
  • field management
  • remote services / maintenance
  • extended reality solutions (virtual / augmented / mixed reality applications)
  • self-sufficient inspection systems such as drones, cameras, robots
  • after sales service models
  • industrial services and retrofit
  • maintenance concepts and methods

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Tuesday, June 27 to Friday, June 30, 2023


Daily 9:00 to 17:00 (Tu-Th) or 16:00 (Fr)


Hall B6 Stand 520


German or English