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Maintenance—the backbone of the Smart Factory

The maintenance of the future ensures maximum production efficiency, lowers the TCO, ensures maximum availability and flexibility—thus increasing profits. Digitization and the resulting networking of process management and plant operation make the maintenance technician the backbone of the Factory 4.0. This makes an in-depth examination of this overarching issue all the more important. And it makes the Smart Maintenance Pavilion a crucial platform at the leading exhibition for automated production—not just for maintenance experts.

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Inseparably linked: smart factory and smart maintenance

Efficient production processes are essential for survival, especially in these times. Progressive digitization plays a decisive role here—and is thus experiencing an enormous push across the industry. Modern maintenance is an important aspect of digital transformation towards flexible production processes in the Factory 4.0. Therefore, smart factories require smart maintenance. How can it be used in your company? Which trends and solutions have already reached market maturity or will play a role in the future? These are complex questions that will be discussed at length in the Smart Maintenance Pavilion.

This is what makes the pavilion more than just an exhibition space, but a lively dialog and knowledge forum that provides practical inspiration and numerous opportunities to establish contacts in its accompanying Meet the Experts workshops. The Smart Maintenance Pavilion is located in the center of Hall B6 with its focus on industrial robotics, drive technology, control technology, as well as industrial communication, software, and cloud computing. In brief: surrounded by relevant topics.

The exhibitors—international and practical

Japanese manufacturer LiLz presents a camera system that uses artificial intelligence to read and evaluate readings from equipment that is difficult to access or located in hazardous areas. VSight presents an innovative solution for remote maintenance using augmented reality technology. secunet Security Networks AG shows how a comprehensive retrofit can be implemented in the form of a security retrofit as part of a Trusted Edge platform. mobileX presents how deployment planning and mobile solutions for technical customer service and maintenance can be mapped on one platform. InUse's SaaS IoT software is designed for industry, helping companies reduce their environmental footprint while optimizing performance. Partium's solutions offer the fastest way to find spare parts and DIY components. With the scalable SOMA software platform, the experts at Softgate are demonstrating a solution to enable companies to achieve a wide range of digitization goals in their machinery. With Monitoring to go, the experts from Messfeld, together with Schaeffler, have developed a wireless condition monitoring solution that enables uncomplicated plant monitoring without additional cabling effort. dankl+partner explain the path to successful digitization with asset management with the Excellence Radar. And ZOE presents Brainey, a connected reality assistant to guide users easily and efficiently through work processes.

Range of topics

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Condition monitoring
  • TPM (Total Productive Maintenance)
  • Asset management
  • Data analytics, simulation, digital twin
  • Mobile maintenance
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Remote services/maintenance
  • After-sales service models
  • Tribology