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career now is the new job & career hotspot at automatica and LASER World of PHOTONICS. This central platform, offered in cooperation with VDI Verlag, addresses all engineers looking to benefit from the professional environment as they evaluate their career opportunities at the world’s leading exhibitions. The building blocks: job board, career counseling, resume photo shooting, company presentations, and a program of compact lectures.

Are you aware how much in demand you are?

The baby boomers are retiring from the workforce, specialists are increasingly hard to come by, and companies compete on an international level as they search for qualified employees. This is not exactly news. But did you know that most hires worldwide – 57 percent to be precise – are planned in engineering? This creates excellent prospects for professionals looking for career opportunities. However, any potential job change also raises some questions: Which position suits me perfectly? What makes a company a good match for me? How can I take the initiative rather than entirely relying on headhunters?

The answer is: career now. Our new platform has top HR managers that will provide you with individual career guidance. The presence of exciting potential employers on site makes it easy for you to get in touch with company representatives and HR managers – giving you an opportunity to get first-hand information about vacancies, job profiles, career opportunities, and the companies themselves. Whether you want to kick-start your career or plan your next move up the ladder: You will certainly benefit from your visit to career now.

By the way: VDI Verlag offers free trade fair admission vouchers.

The career opportunities you are looking for

career now features a holistic representation of the companies at automatica and LASER World of PHOTONICS – a combination of products, brands, personal meetings, and plenty of event character. Thus, in addition to getting access to two high tech trade fair environments at the same time, you also stand to gain deep insights into the companies represented here. That makes career now the perfect place to get a comprehensive overview of both sectors and to approach potential employers where they gather in one spot – and where they are open to discussions. Experience shows: A leisurely technical discussion can turn into a successful job interview in an instant.

Who is this for?

Are you looking for the perfect job, do you want to approach companies directly, or would you generally like to learn about career development? Then you should use career now to your advantage. The target group includes engineers, IT specialists, as well as technical professionals and managers. The offer is aimed at young professionals (up to 3 years of experience) and professionals (>3 years of experience) in particular, but recent graduates and new entrants to the job market will be warmly welcomed as well.

Which companies are represented on site?

There will be an exciting mix of companies from the robotics and automation field as well as the photonics sector from the second trade fair day onwards (Wednesday, June 28, 2023). Visiting our website in advance can help you prepare for approaching these companies. A schedule of companies presenting themselves in the event area will be available here from mid-June.

What is the job board?

The job board is a purposefully designed wall in the career now event area where the vacancies of all participating companies at automatica and LASER World of PHOTONICS will be posted. Particularly helpful: the specialist field matrix (who needs what?). Of course you will find these vacancies in the corresponding trade fair’s exhibitor directory and in the app, too. In addition, the current issue of VDI nachrichten containing job advertisements will be distributed for free.

What is individual career counseling like?

You will have the opportunity to ask all of your personal career-related questions and get advice during a 20-minute session with an HR expert. You may bring your application dossier to provide deeper insights into your career path and get suggestions on how to improve your documents. Please note that career counseling requires prior registration. We expect great demand so some applicants may not get a confirmed free counseling appointment. That is why registrations are accepted on a first-come-first-serve basis. The appointments for Wednesday through Friday are made on site starting at 10:00 each day.

What is the presentation forum all about?

A 90-minute supporting program you should consider attending during your visit starts daily at 10:00 on the adjacent Start-up Stage. Apart from varies employer pitches, it offers interesting keynotes on job and career topics such as engineer salaries or the impact of AI on the recruitment/application process.

What is the resume photo shooting like?

Interested applicants receive a voucher for a free professional resume photo that will be taken—by a pro, of course—right on site and can be downloaded after the exhibition.

Where is career now located?

Our new career platform is located in automatica Hall B4 – right next to the Start-up Arena and adjacent to the Halls of LASER World of Photonics. By the way: TUM has its large AI.Society exhibition stand in Hall B4 as well. Apart from innovative robotics and AI applications, you will find even more information, inspiration, and insights for your career path here.

VDI Verlag – the strong partner

Leading publishing company, strong brand, and trusted advocacy group for engineers as well as technical professionals and managers: VDI Verlag provides professional support relating to its target group’s professional activities and career planning. It stands for more than 20 years of experience in successful recruiting event implementation. It also offers companies access to Germany’s largest network of engineers – the VDI, i.e. the largest pool of experienced engineers looking for career opportunities.

Preliminary Start-up Arena design example. The final design depends on the number of participating exhibitors.© meplan GmbH
Preliminary Start-up Arena design example. The final design depends on the number of participating exhibitors.© meplan GmbH
Preliminary Start-up Arena design example. The final design depends on the number of participating exhibitors. © meplan GmbH

Whom can I contact for more information?

The VDI Verlag team will be happy to answer any questions you may have:

Anja Gerhartz
Phone: +49 211 6188-170

Franziska Opitz
Phone: +49 211 6188-377

Ana Mihaleva
Phone: +49 211 6188-374

career now – the benefits

  • Free participation
    Simply register online to attend automatica and benefit from all offerings on site.
  • Whether young or established professionals
    The career platform for engineers or IT specialists looking for jobs or considering their options.
  • Specific vacancies
    Establish contacts with renowned companies who take an effort to find specialists.
  • Talk to department heads
    Get answers to all your questions concerning interesting vacancies.



Wednesday, June 28 to Friday, June 30, 2023


Daily 9:00 to 17:00 (We-Th) or 16:00 (Fr)


Hall B4, Stand 121