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Support for young talent to battle skills shortage: Integration Island

Lack of specialists is not just a buzz-phrase but an everyday reality across the industry. The Integration Islands project is an example for automatica’s commitment to tackle this problem in a proactive way—by supporting young talent. The goal is to introduce young individuals to technology through games, hence arousing their enthusiasm.

Technology is fun. Based on this approach, the Integration Islands project for supporting young talent is presented at automatica. How does it work? Young refugees and students of at least ten years of age are introduced to technology through games at staffed learning stations. They craft, program and solder in small groups as they learn about the basics of technical occupations. This helps them to reduce reservations and to discover their own potentials.

After all, this project is not just all about its social and inclusive aspect—it also helps securing the industry’s future. Like many other industries and trades, the robotics domain is struggling with massive recruitment problems. Many companies consider their economic development threatened by the severe lack of specialists. This calls for immediate action.

The project was continued at automatica 2018 in cooperation with ITQTechnik macht Spaß” [technic is fun] foundation.

Makeathon automatica
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More than a competition: the perfect recruitment environment.

The automatica Makeathon is the perfect opportunity to create awareness for companies among young talents and to fathom their skills at the same time.

automatica Makeathon
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Start-Up Arena—The latest in Technological Innovation

Newcomer know-how for the implementation of innovative projects within the start-up arena.

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Recrutainment 2018

The escape game “The Traveler” introduces youngsters to the requirements of robotics and automation in a creative and dynamic way.