AI Lab -  In our workshop you will learn the practical basics of AI

Bye-bye theory – hello practice: the AI Lab.

The abstract and unrealistic presentation of AI in the media makes it difficult to explore and exploit its actual potential for industrial applications. We have a pragmatic approach to this problem: a workshop in which you teach a robot to recognize and pick up objects while learning about the basics of artificial intelligence such as data engineering, labeling, training, evaluation and application.

Machine learning methods such as Deep Learning have become suitable for industrial use and are clearly superior to conventional methods in terms of efficiency and flexibility – particularly in machine vision applications. Despite this, AI adoption is still slowed down by reservations – especially since the entire scope of potentials has not yet been identified and rules for data handling have not been clearly defined.

Training, application and the insufficient transparency of decisions made by AI continue to pose great challenges. This is why we developed AI Lab – a practice-oriented one-hour workshop that imparts basic knowledge through short introductory presentations, giving up to 15 participants the chance to train and use their own AI.

The declared goal is to enable an industrial robotic system to recognize and pick up unknown components using a camera-based system. This workshop will provide participants with application-oriented insights into the entire life cycle of industrial AI applications along with the most important dos and don'ts. The workshop’s focal topics:

  • Data engineering and labeling
  • Training and evaluation of neural networks
  • Simulation and use in industrial environments

The workshop will be held in German and English in Hall C6/Booth 511 on each of the four trade fair days. It is hosted by Gestalt Robotics GmbH – an innovative service provider at the interface between conventional industrial automation and AI – in cooperation with VDMA Robotics + Automation and Messe München. All participants receive a ‘Industrial AI user’ certificate. Participation fees for the workshop at automatica 2020 will be borne by the automatica project management.

AI Lab: Glossary

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) is an academic field within computer sciences for research into human thinking, decision-making and problem-solving behavior with the goal to map and emulate this behavior using computer-aided processes. This term is also used to describe the inherent intelligence of machines.
  • Machine Learning denotes a class of methods for data-driven automated learning of systems. It is divided into supervised and unsupervised learning. Machine learning applications generally require a lot of computing power. The computing infrastructure can be provided in embedded systems in close proximity to the machine or through flexible cloud or edge computing solutions.
  • Deep Learning is a method of supervised learning using deep neural networks. Here, the network is a kind of ‘black box’ that has been trained with large amounts of data to enable it to make decisions based on its training.

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