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Agile, compact, dynamic: automatica sprint

The community is counting on automatica to provide an attractive marketplace and a workable solution in these times of the pandemic. A new event concept has been developed in cooperation with all stakeholders for June 22 to 24, 2021: automatica sprint.

automatica has always been and will continue to be a community brand that emerged from the industry's desire for a leading international high-tech platform for automated production and robotics. And it has been the industry’s most important sounding board, innovation driver and source of knowledge since it was first held. An aspiration that is also reflected in the new compact event format concept of automatica sprint.

Flexibility, modularity and candidness are the main features of this new marketplace. The declared goal is to deepen the dialogue and to provide quick networking opportunities for all participants to exchange knowledge, solutions and experience. The focus is on robotics, assembly and handling technology, machine vision and digital solutions for the smart factory. A special highlight: the premiere of the integrated high-tech event munich_i.

Due to its design as a hybrid in-person and digital event, automatica sprint is in a position to facilitate advance planning and to guarantee its own feasibility. A responsible and well thought-out hygiene protocol focuses on the safety of all participants. In short: automatica sprint is the perfect sales platform for 2021 – and the perfect run-up to automatica 2022.

Hall layout with stand construction

Optimized space utilization: The ‘breathing’ open structure offers more freedom of movement and quick orientation.

Hall map

Back to the future: With regard to its floor space, automatica sprint picks up the hall constellation of the very first automatica in 2004.

What is automatica sprint – and what is special about it?

1. A thoroughbred daughter of automatica.
automatica sprint is a new event concept – with many good characteristics of the ‘mother’, but with its own personality. It once again proves the innovative energy of the automatica brand.

2. Everything new, same quality.
The same high quality standards of automatica, everything else is new: From the hall layout, the type and size of stands, the supporting program and opportunities for dialog to communication and processes.

3. Quick access to the state of affairs.
automatica sprint is all about being dynamic and providing quick access to the most significant and relevant content. The focus is on interaction between exhibitors and visitors as well as innovation and knowledge transfer.

4. Sales platform for the industry.
We want to provide the community with an attractive sales platform as quickly as possible in these times of the coronavirus. automatica sprint has been developed precisely for this purpose and is the perfect event to fill the gap until automatica 2022.

5. Optimal response to the market situation.
With its focus on customer dialogue and experiencing machines up close, automatica sprint is the perfect response to the current situation and one of the first opportunities for the community to get together again in person.

6. Robotics and digitalization are booming.
The rapid increase in digitalization, which has been further accelerated by the pandemic, is putting many companies under pressure to act. Personal exchange and orientation is the need of the hour to decide on future investments.

7. Introducing munich_i.
This unique high-tech summit for the first time brings together leading international figures from the field of AI and robotics within the framework of automatica. Here, visionary AI initiatives will be presented on more than 500 m².

8. Focus on flexibility and simplicity.
Three stand sizes, one stand builder, centralized catering, efficient processes: These are just a few things that make the new concept as flexible, modular, innovative and attractive as it is – for both exhibitors and visitors.

9. A new hybrid in-person and digital exhibition.
The event is designed to be both digital and analog right from the start. And the digital component is not a stopgap, but an integral part of the concept.

10. Advance planning-enabled.
The event is already guaranteed to take place. Depending on how the pandemic develops, the in-person and digital components can be flexibly adjusted.

11. A COVID-19-compliant solution.
With a well thought-out hygiene protocol, all necessary measures were taken to ensure the health of all participants.

12. The common sounding board.
Being an active part of the community, automatica maintains a close exchange with the industry. This frequently leads to groundbreaking offers – such as the new event concept for 2021: automatica sprint.

automatica sprint
automatica sprint
Two event formats – one application.

A simple registration process enables participation in the automatica sprint trade fair and the automatica sprint online digital platform.

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automatica sprint
Attractive participation modules

Open structures and standardized stand types: The participation modules of automatica sprint offer flexibility and enable advance planning at the same...

automatica sprint
automatica sprint
Playing it safe: the hygiene protocol for automatica sprint

Our contribution to increased safety at the exhibition: the comprehensive automatica sprint protection and hygiene protocol for a COVID-19-compliant...