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Review 2021

To final report

With a centralized catering facility in each hall, the entire infrastructure and coordination of catering services is handled by a single provider. On the one hand, catering for employees and customers is thus ensured without any effort on part of the exhibitors, and on the other hand, all processes – and thus compliance with hygiene measures – can be easily and reliably checked and no longer fall within the exhibitors' area of responsibility. Our catering service covers all three exhibition halls so that you are always well looked after without having to leave your hall.

By dispensing with individual catering at the exhibition stands, we provide support to the exhibitors at automatica sprint as they no longer have to arrange the catering for customers and employees themselves. Instead, culinary versatility will be conveniently provided by a central facility. In addition, this approach also ensures the uniform implementation of all applicable safety and hygiene regulations. This includes work clothing, protective masks, gloves, head covers and regular health checks of the catering staff, protective glass partitions at the food and drink counters as well as no more self-service for unpacked food and poured beverages such as coffee or tea.


Only bottles or food with individual packaging can be self-served, warm dishes are plated by chefs and served without direct contact. And in order to maintain the minimum distance even during peak times, the food and beverage counters are particularly plentiful and spacious. All measures are in compliance with the current hygiene protocol and of course we hope to be in a position to relax them by June 2021.

How will personnel catering be provided?

A separate restaurant area functions as an external canteen for all stand personnel. Crew catering does not follow any fixed timing, but is available according to the crew’s individual needs at any time between 11:00 and 15:00 during the trade fair – crew members may eat alone or in small groups. The exhibitor pass is used as an ID for access. Meals will be served in exchange for vouchers, which you may order for your employees via the Exhibitor Shop in advance for each trade fair day by May 31, 2021. You will receive the vouchers after payment.

Offer and price

Each lunch voucher for EUR 17.95 net includes:

  • 1 starter: Various salads/bread
  • 1 main course: Choice of meat/fish, vegetarian/vegan
  • 1 dessert: Chocolate/cereal bar/cookie/fruit
  • 1 cold beverage: 0.5 l water/spritzer or cola
  • 1 hot beverage: Coffee/espresso

How will guest catering be provided?

Whether you want your customers to join you for a meal in the beer garden or restaurant, or for a cappuccino in the barista bar located in the hall: Inviting guests has been simplified because you – or any authorized employee – can conveniently pay via QR code and simply confirm the check on site. For better overview, we recommend using the QR code via smartphone. You will receive a collective invoice for all food and beverages registered in this way at the end of the trade fair. Please order your QR code from the Exhibitor Shop in advance.

How will visitor catering be provided?

Nothing changes for visitors. The catering services will be available to them at any time, payment is made individually on site.

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