munich_i Summit 2020

munich_i: intelligence empowering tomorrow

How can artificial intelligence (AI) make our work easier, safer and more productive at the same time? Does embodied AI have the potential to optimize or even revolutionize assembly and production through applications at the interface between adaptive algorithms and machines? How can we use AI today to meet the societal challenges in the areas of healthcare, mobility and work?

The very first munich_i summit provides answers and presents innovations, products and current developments. It thus makes a valuable contribution to this key technology gaining a foothold in society. This unique high-tech summit will take place on June 22, 2021 and brings together the leading international figures from the field of AI and robotics within the framework of automatica sprint.

The next step towards even more high-tech excellence

munich_i is a joint project of automatica and the Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence (MSRM) at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). The mission: Driving forward responsible technological change that benefits everyone. The inspiring presentations and discussions are all about the cooperation and interaction between human and artificial intelligence in a cyber-physical world. With its enlightening eye-openers and groundbreaking insights, the munich_i summit is aimed at corporate leaders and those responsible for production, technology and digital transformation.

Embodied Al: interacting with the real world.

Robots are already being used successfully in a wide variety of sectors. However, the possibilities of AI are far from exhausted. And embodied AI is the next step: Machines no longer just execute well-defined processes by following protocol but learn through interaction with their environment – and use this knowledge in further interaction. Embodied AI enables machines to learn and adapt. Robots that are capable of handling more complex processes and situations can be much more efficient and productive, making them suitable for an even wider range of applications.

It's good to see people and machines learning from one another.

The only thing we can't afford: Postponing the development of solutions to the pressing questions of our time. At the munich_i summit, leading figures and experts will discuss how artificial intelligence can advance the areas of healthcare, mobility and work. For example: AI is already being used successfully in diagnostics, but only embodied AI enables the use of robots in actual treatment. Embodied AI also provides a powerful boost to the evolution of autonomous driving: Further developments and solutions in the areas of security, intelligence, control and interaction pave the way to the next level of autonomy. The results can play an important role in the implementation of networked transport systems in the factory of the future. In addition, networked and adaptive robotic assistance systems can use embodied AI to make production processes even more efficient, productive and, above all, people-centered. This makes the next industrial quantum leap of production as a service seem within reach for the first time.

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MSRM – the deep tech forge.

As Europe’s leading research elite in the area of AI and robotics, MSRM develops innovative and sustainable technical solutions to overcome the great challenges of our time. Numerous groundbreaking lighthouse projects have already emerged from research into the fundamentals of robotics, perception and artificial intelligence. MSRM sets benchmarks for responsible technology development and the subsequent adoption of these technologies by society – in interdisciplinary cooperation with distinguished experts from various fields.

Prof. Sami Haddadin

Director of MSRM and holder of the Chair for Robotics and System Intelligence, founder of Franka Emika, Director of MSRM/munich_i

Prof. Alena Buyx

Director of the Institute for History and Ethics of Medicine, Holder of the Chair for Ethics in Medicine and Health Technologies (TUM), member of the German Ethics Council, Director of MSRM/munich_i

Munich: a buzzing technology hub that gets people moving.

For years the Bavarian capital has been attracting people who want to build their future in the high-tech metropolis. The unique combination of business, research, education and politics favors its innovative climate and accelerates technological advancement. More than 100 of the world's leading companies (Forbes list 2000) have their offices in Munich. In addition, it has the highest concentration of TechDax companies in Germany. In addition to the major global players, lateral thinkers and start-ups feel equally welcome here. After all, Munich is a huge talent pool with two elite universities and around 120,000 students. The collaboration between automatica and MSRM further strengthens the great appeal of this top location and promotes interdisciplinary cooperation between research and industry in the service of society.

Special events at munich_i.

Fascinating events on artificial intelligence and robotics are offered for all trade fair visitors within the framework of automatica sprint from June 22 until June 24, 2021:


Visitors have the opportunity to experience visionary AI initiatives by MSRM/TUM and various start-ups on more than 500 m2. These socially relevant projects from the areas of healthcare, work and mobility will show you tomorrow’s reality today.


Innovation requires a sense of responsibility, knowledge, courage and persistence: In this multi-day competition, the young international academic elite will demonstrate their skills while developing solutions based on a standard AI and robotics platform.

Robot driver’s license

Learn the practical basics of human-robot collaboration in a fascinating hands-on encounter.

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