Virtual Commissioning—what’s in it for me?

automatica Talk No. 2

Wouldn't it be enormously helpful for companies if the commissioning of new production lines could be carried out much faster and less error-prone? The solution is "virtual commissioning"—a combination of models, methods and tools to improve the traditional commissioning of machines and production plants. The approach has become a “hot topic” in numerous branches of industry in the wake of the Corona crisis at the latest: Due to the limited travel options, approaches of increased digitization and virtualization received a strong tailwind..

Virtual commissioning offers numerous advantages: The machines can be virtually tested and optimized well before the actual assembly. This saves time and money caused by errors and increases the quality of the solutions. The method also enables significant improvements in the engineering process. Because the different experts in the company can coordinate their work much earlier and more intensively than before. This leads to a more holistic understanding of mechatronic systems and promotes interdisciplinary cooperation between the departments. Furthermore, errors in the design of a machine can be recognized and corrected before the machine is built. Once the machine is in operation, the virtual model can be used as a digital twin and serves as the basis for future business models.

With our webinars, we are further expanding our digital presence. The Online events provide additional orientation and exchange opportunities during the time between the fairs. High-class experts, vendors and users illuminate current issues and trends in robotics and automation from various perspectives in the new interactive format.

The webinar provides:

  • An introduction to virtual commissioning
  • An overview of benefits for users
  • Case studies by ABB and Roth Automation
  • The opportunity to ask questions to the experts

Virtual Commissioning—what’s in it for me?

automatica Talk from August 26, 2020

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This digital event addresses typical visitors of the automatica fair in Munich—from CEOs to experts in production planning from automotive, machine building, pharmaceuticals, plastics, food and beverage, and many other manufacturing sectors

automatica Talk is organized in cooperation with the VDMA Robotics + Automation Association and the Informationstechnische Gesellschaft (ITG) of the VDE.

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