Putting robots to work in medium-sized businesses

automatica Talk No. 5

The use of robots is no longer exclusive to large companies with mass production facilities. On the contrary: The ‘democratization of robotics’ is about to begin. Smaller companies and the craft sector are also increasingly turning to robots and cobots – and for good reasons:

New concepts have greatly reduced the integration effort – making robotics applications economical for SMEs and the craft sector

  • Robots are becoming increasingly user-friendly and can be easily operated or (re)programmed even without special skills
  • SMEs often produce small and medium batch sizes with a great variant diversity – and cobots have proven to be the perfect match for these ‘high mix, low volume’ requirements
  • Robots can be used for a wide variety of tasks – and gain even more flexibility and mobility when mounted on rolling platforms
  • The great flexibility and variance of such solutions enable production runs down to a batch size of 1 – fully automated
  • Even if the rest of the workforce does not work in 3 shifts: Robots do not need breaks and are available 24/7

Learn more about the successful use of robots in SMEs, revolutionary programming tools, the advantages of Quick Checks and the exciting best practice example of

We are further expanding our digital presence with our webinars. This interactive online event series offers additional orientational knowledge and constructive exchange during the time between trade fairs. Top-class experts, suppliers and users will shed light on current issues and trends in robotics and automation from various perspectives.

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automatica Talk Nr. 5

Teamwork between users and researchers accelerates the adoption of new automation technologies. To get started, we offer SMEs low-threshold Quick Checks. We use these to test implementation ideas for feasibility and further develop them together with the companies.

Kraus, Dr.-Ing. Werner
  • Department Head
  • Robotics and Assistance Systems, Fraunhofer Institute for Manufacturing Engineering and Automation (IPA)

automatica Talk No. 5 offers:

  • Insights into the application potential and success factors of robotics and automation in small companies
  • Information on feasibility analyses and the development and implementation of automation solutions
  • Automation supplier best practice examples
  • Application report on automated production with a batch size of 1 from the furniture manufacturer and e-commerce vendor

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What is the online event’s target group?

Typical automatica visitors – from CEOs to production planning experts from the automotive, mechanical engineering, pharmaceutical, plastics, food and beverage, and other manufacturing industries.

Robots can be beneficial in small production facilities and provide good support to small companies. Any successful automation project requires access to a large and proven product portfolio with smart features, ideally from a single source. Locally available competent partners with the ability to provide solutions and quick support if and when required are essential for the customer. Easy-to-use technology with reliable functionality lowers the entry barriers for using robots in automation tasks.

Winkelmann, Ralf
  • Managing Director
  • FANUC Deutschland GmbH and Member of the Board VDMA Robotics + Automation

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