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Assembly and handling technology

Thanks to assembly and handling (integrated assembly solutions), millions of individual parts become new products every day. Automating these complex processes continues to make good progress. Doing so gives you higher-quality products, increased production efficiency and greater flexibility.

Intelligent hardware for the manufacturing industry

The assembly technology industry develops intelligent, economical and integrated assembly and production solutions. The companies in this sector support customers in nearly every branch of industry and every region.

The manufacturers at automatica provide systems and components for assembling, joining, mounting and reshaping. This sector also includes solutions for measuring, testing, dispensing and marking.

Developing the perfect customized solution

Related “brainware” plays an essential role. Implementing complex production processes calls for the right analysis, concept development and planning. Your software should also meet your exact needs. automatica gives you access to all relevant manufacturers of assembly and handling technology. Most component manufacturers work hand in hand with plant manufacturers to offer optimum solutions.

Assembly and handling technology (integrated assembly solutions) at automatica

Complete overview of innovative solutions:

  • Assembly stations and systems
  • Assembly systems for specific fields of application
  • Equipment for storage
  • Equipment for ordering, sorting and feeding
  • Equipment for linking and transport
  • Components for linking and transportation equipment
  • Equipment for fastening and joining
  • Equipment for marking
  • Test systems
  • Basis and construction elements
  • Manual workplace systems
  • Workplace equipment
  • Packaging units
  • Surface treatment

2018 stimulates the global industry by setting new records

Growth in Germany

  • Germany's integrated assembly and handling technology industry employed approx. 35,000 people in 2018
  • Industry sales reached a new record high of 8.3 billion euros in 2018
  • Suppliers from Germany registered an increase of 8% compared to 2017

International growth

  • With sales growth of 25% in 2018, Europe remains the most important export market for German suppliers. Asia with its growth engine China follows in second place ahead of North America (USA, Canada, Mexico).

Source: VDMA Robotik + Automation

Germany's IAS industry at a glance

The German Engineering Association (VDMA) has a compact expertise matrix available online that shows the entire range of services provided by its IAS members.

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