Competitive cooperation: the makeathon development competition

Contestants in action

From the idea to implementation in 30 hours: The Makeathon - in cooperation with ITQ and Conrad Electronic - istargeted at young professionals and students from the fields of software engineering, mechatronics and mechanical engineering. More than 120 participants formed competing teams to develop software and hardware prototypes within the areas of robotics, Internet of Things, and automation.

Being innovative at the Makeathon


Over 120 participants from 7 countries participated at the automatica 2018 Makeathon!

Witnessing solutions coming to life: The automatica Makeathon is a chance to witness the development process of software and hardware hacks first hand. The collaborative competition that was first held in 2016 captivated participants and spectators right from the start. This successful event helps the leading exhibition to address new target groups and strengthen its position as a driver of innovation in the areas of smart automation and robotics.

More than 100 talented young contestants took the challenge to find functional solutions for Industry 4.0 at the Makeathon—under real-life conditions in just 30 hours. Who were the participants? Competing teams of young software developers as well as mechanical and mechatronics engineers. Who was in the audience? Representatives of the manufacturing sector who came to meet the innovators of tomorrow.

Best of automatica Makeathon 2018

What our participants say

"The feedback from our participants regarding the procedure and organization of the makeathon was very positive. The general conditions at the fair with the sponsors were also excellent. On behalf of everyone, I would like to express my great praise for the trade fair and its team". (Alex Stolz, DORST Technologies GmbH & Co. KG)

"I am extremely impressed by what I have seen and what the Makeathon has brought to life. I've only received positive feedback from my team." (Wolfgang Dieterle, Millenium Services GmbH)

"I liked the Makeathon very much and it is a very successful event. Within 30 hours you reach a completely usable result and that with completely strange people. The contact with people from all possible countries and regions was a novelty for me". (Hermann Schott, Patent Attorney)

"An impressive, innovative MEGA EVENT that keeps students coming back to participate. We are looking forward to the next Makeathon. (Professor Peter Eichinger, University of Aalen)

"Our students want to thank you for having possibility of taking part at the Makeathon. The had great fun, they have learned a lot from each other and they had a perfect possibility for networking with others who are interested in the same area." (Joanna Helman, Wroclaw University of Technology)

What is a Makeathon?

The neologism derived from “make” and “marathon” designates a collaborative software and hardware development competition within a predetermined timeframe.

In addition to a wide range of technical equipment such as tools, 3D printers or electronic components, Conrad Electronic also supports the participants with a team of experts on site.