Service Robotics Demopark: The extraordinary. For everyday use.

Service robots in action

The Service Robotics Demopark is a joint exhibition platform that showcases the wide range of applications for professional service robotics—live and interactive. Here you can experience how robots can assist you in doing domestic chores or perform household tasks such as floor cleaning autonomously.

Service Robotics Demopark

Apart from mobile robots, there are stationary solutions on display as well to serve as examples for functioning human-robot collaboration. Exhibitors presented their service robots for transport, smart manipulation and the public sector.

This included KUKA’s mobile home robot platform i-do, which assisted you in taking selfies, and the Kinova robot arm Jaco, which learned what visitors tought it. Other highlights included the Kuka lightweight robot for rehab applications by BEC and the Care-O-bot 4 by Mojin Robotics, which accompanied interested visitors to their product of choice through speech interaction.

The mobile manipulator TIAGo by PAL Robotics also helped visitors find products and handed over goods, while the smart picking robot Magazino ensured accurate handling in intralogistics. The lightweight robot by F&P featured a mobile platform that was used e. g. for transporting medical samples. It offered a chance to experience voice control, sensor skin and online functions. Finally, the humanoid robot EGO by qbrobotics shaked your hand to see you off.

Service robotics Demopark at automatica shows how robots make our everyday lives easier

Cooperation partner

Fraunhofer IPA / EUnited Robotics