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Find out here which functions you can use on the digital event platform of automatica sprint 2021, how to log in or edit your profile. Our answers and explanatory videos will help you with your questions.

How-to Videos

General Questions

How many visitors can be expected at a digital event?

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to make any definitive statements regarding the number of visitors for obvious reasons. A varied, informative program design attracts (potential) participants and, in combination with the low logistical effort, without taking into account any travel restrictions, ensures the high attractiveness of our digital event formats. However, the intensity of the guest management of our exhibitors/customers is always decisive.

Our social media booklet (you can find it here) helps you to promote your participation in the event. There we provide you with free advertising material. This way you can also draw your customers' attention to your participation.

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Are there any capacity restrictions regarding the number of visitors and exhibitors?

No, there are no capacity restrictions. There is more than enough server capacity available to allow all expected visitors to utilize the platform.

What components does the platform offer?

The focus is on four primary components:

  • Matchmaking that is supported by AI
  • Streaming (Livestreams, technical papers, seminars, press events)
  • Direct contact with companies, e.g. via the chat function
  • Presentation—Companies can present themselves in an exhibitor directory with a short company profile and product profiles

Exhibitors can make their content available in the form of sessions and roundtables (digital conference rooms) both live and on-demand. Both formats can be booked for a fee and may already be included depending on the package that is selected. (Availability is limited)

In which languages will the platform be available?

The platform language is English, this concerns the navigation, filters or hints. Depending on your target group, you decide in which language you publish your company profile or your company session.

Participants will always be shown all information in their local time.

Which internet browsers support the platform?

To ensure optimum performance of the platform, we recommend that you use Google Chrome or Firefox as your internet browser.

Is it also possible for exhibitors to integrate their own chat programs (e.g. WebEx or Zoom) for online chats and web meetings?

No, the chat function is only available on the digital platform. It is not possible for exhibitors to integrate their own chat programs.

How can you log in?

  • You will receive an email containing a registration code
  • Simply login using your email address and your registration ID for the Event
  • Select a new password
  • Fill out your individual profile with your company information. The more detailed your information, the more networking opportunities you can create

Interact with content and recommendations in the virtual space to receive more suggestions according to your interests

How can I reset the password?

  • Open the start page
  • Enter your email address and then click on “Continue”
  • In the next step, the system will ask you to enter your password
  • For this step, click on ‘Forgot or don't know your password?’
  • Within a few minutes, you will receive an email containing a link (please also check your spam folder)
  • The link will take you to a website where you can reset your password

How can I change the email address?

  • Visit your profile
  • In the navigation bar on the left you will find an item called „Change email address”
  • You can enter a new email address here


Questions regarding participating as a visitor

What components does the platform offer?

The focus is on four primary components:

  • Matchmaking that is supported by AI
  • Streaming (live interviews, specialist presentations, panel discussions, start-up pitches)
  • Direct contact with attendees, e.g. via video chat
  • Possibility of presentation in a personal short profile in the participant directory

How exactly does AI-supported matchmaking work?

The matchmaking function draws on the interests specified by visitors when they register.

A calculation is run in the background to determine how well exhibitors’ and visitors’ interests match up. Contact recommendations are then generated based on this information.

Additional information such as movement data, search patterns and existing contacts can then be used to create additional contact recommendations automatically.

Is it possible to set up business appointments (using a calendar)?

All appointments that you set up, as well as all events that you would like to take part in, are clearly displayed in a single location in your personal agenda. It is also possible to export this information to your external calendar.

How can a business appointment be requested?

Visit the profile of the attendee that you would like to meet. Here, you can click to show that you are interested in this contact. If they are also interested, a chat window will open. However, you can also request an appointment directly from the profile.

How can I get in contact with attendees via chat?

Go to the profiles of attendees that are relevant for you and click on the ‘interested’ button. If the attendee is also interested, they will be added to your contacts and you will be able to get in contact with them via chat. Alternatively, it is possible to request a virtual meeting (video call) at any time.

How can you enter a virtual meeting room?

As soon as a business appointment has been confirmed, it will appear in your personal calendar with a button linking to the virtual meeting room. You can click on this button five minutes before the appointment, and it will take you directly to the meeting room.

Can matchmaking also be used to set up meetings before and after the event?

Yes, the extended duration of the Digital Event beyond the event period is one of the benefits. Matchmaking and chat is available before and a few weeks after the event, allowing you to set up appointments with attendees at any time during and after the event. Even users who are not logged in will be notified by email that they have received a contact request. We will inform you when the platform is closed.

How many people can take part in a virtual meeting?

As many as 50 people can take part in a virtual meeting.

Can I also find contacts on the platform separately from the matchmaking process?

In addition to digital matchmaking, you can also find new contacts using the attendee list and exhibitor list. Furthermore, you can filter these lists using various criteria.

Do visitors have to proactively approach exhibitors?

We query attendees about their interests during the registration process, and these responses are automatically matched with those given by exhibitors. This information is fed into the AI-supported matchmaking process so that exhibitors can receive recommendations regarding which attendees are relevant.

In addition, attendees can also proactively search for exhibitors in the exhibitors list.

As a visitor, what do I need to do to take full advantage of my participation in the digital event?

The first port of call is your own profile page—this serves as your business card. As a result, you should try to fill your profile with meaningful information that arouses attendees’ interest and spurs them to contact you.

Even so, always keep in mind that virtual events thrive on active communication by everyone involved! That means that your active participation is at least as important as creating a strong profile page. Only through a targeted and proactive address can you get to know new industry experts for exchange and networking—and, as a first step, you will be supported by the integrated matchmaking tool.

What are the product profiles?

Exhibitors can supplement their company profile with separate product pages in which they provide detailed information on their product portfolio.

How can I update the profiles of team members on the platform?

Option 1: First you must register on the platform

  • Now log in to the platform
  • A window will open automatically to ask about your preferences
  • Please answer all the questions, as this information will also be saved in your profile and serve as a database for the matchmaking tool
  • Click on the highlighted field to enter your responses
  • You can add to your answers by clicking on ‘+’

Option 2: You have already registered on the platform and want to go back and change your profile data

  • Now log in to the platform
  • Open your profile
  • Change your profile image by clicking on the ‘pen’ icon
  • Modify your entries by clicking on the response field(s) you would like to change

Is there a deadline for registration and for completing the profiles?

There is no official deadline, which means that last-minute deciders will also be able to take part. Exhibitors and visitors are given access to the platform at the same time. It is a good idea to fill in your profile straight away so that you can get started with networking as soon as possible.

Can profiles also be modified during the trade fair?

Yes, the data can be changed during the event.

Data protection

Does the Digital Experience comply with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

The Digital Event follows the current version of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Who is authorized to see my contact details?

On your profile page you can set for your stored phone number and email address, for whom this data should be visible. You can choose if nobody can see your contact data, only your contacts or if every other user can see this data.

How-to Videos

You will find all features, which will be available to you during the digital event, by watching the how-to videos below.


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