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automatica 2023 / Exhibition / Servicerobotics

What’s in the cards for service robotics?

automatica will take you on a journey to the future: Service robotics has already evolved to become one of the most important building blocks for innovation and you as an exhibitor contribute to accelerate this process. Whether it comes to logistics, healthcare, retail or everyday life − the demand for smart support is increasing rapidly. Together with our exhibitors and visitors as well as leading representatives of companies and research institutes, we provide a future-oriented platform for service robotics.

Great opportunities for exhibitors:

More than 271,000 professional service robots were sold globally in 2018. A further increase of 33% is expected in 2019. Autonomous guided vehicles (AGV) and mobile robot platforms currently see the greatest demand. With 41% of units sold, they account for the largest market share and are mainly used in logistics and production (Source: World Robotics 2019). At automatica, we have not only dedicated a separate exhibition area to this versatile growth market, but we are making it the center of attention to put you as an exhibitor in the limelight.

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automatica offers service robotics a future-oriented platform with its own exhibition area.

The latest products and systems:

From complicated surgical procedures and care in retirement homes to stocking supermarket shelves – there is an enormous demand for collaborative and mobile robots. Service robotics is seeing record growth rates and its potential is far from exhausted. Versatility and the increasing ability to solve complex tasks also make these robotic systems a viable alternative for use in industrial environments. This new generation of service robots impresses with safe, simplified programming and intuitive operation. These innovations offer a competitive edge also for the manufacturing industry. As a result, service robotics has also evolved into one of the most relevant key technologies.

Application areas of service robotics at automatica:

  • Agriculture
  • Assistant systems for production
  • Construction and demolition work
  • Inspection and maintenance
  • Logistics
  • Medical technology and healthcare
  • Mobile platforms
  • Professional cleaning
  • Public relations
  • Retail
  • Security

Service robotics at automatica in numbers

Take advantage of the high number of quality visitors at automatica: Meet your target audience and help shape the future.


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automatica has been supporting the development of service robotics for many years with its own exhibition area. All the more reason for us to be delighted that the platform is enjoying overwhelming popularity among exhibitors and visitors. Profit from this success and register for the exhibition area "Service Robotics":

Would you like to see smart machines at work or interact with them directly? Our Service Robotics Demo Park amazes visitors from all over the world and brings this smart key technology to life. The demo park is an exhibition area for the service robotics industry and, above all, it is a real crowd-puller.