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You are interested in technology? Have you ever considered pursuing a career in the robotics and automation sector? And are you looking for the ultimate challenge? Welcome to the Escape Truck – the recrutainment game by automatica.

Whether you are just starting to get informed on the perspectives of computer scientists and engineers in the automation and mechatronics sector or you already have your own start-up that you want to present to industry representatives and investors: You've come to the right place at automatica.

At our last event, our Escape Game “The Traveler” was a great opportunity for you to make an impression on industry experts and to establish valuable contacts at the same time – advancing your career or your existing business. What this is all about? Ability to work in a team, dexterity, and creativity.

Teams of five players took on the roles of engineers and computer scientists on a scientific expedition to the south pole. There, the scientist J.F. Migra found a way to travel through time and space in 1863. However, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances during his attempts to build a time machine. Now our team had to track him down and rescue him. In this mission, the participants had to look for clues, decoded information, deduced, analyzed and came up with adequate solutions under time pressure.

What is recrutainment?

Recrutainment is one of the most innovative approaches to human resources marketing, combining recruitment-related content with entertainment. It offers candidates a mix of domain-specific challenges (“gamification”), casual networking and information on career options.

This replaces introductions within the framework of conventional job interviews in companies with the casual and inspiring atmosphere of a gaming environment. The advantage: The challenges offer insights into the personality and technical knowledge of candidates from a different angle than conventional job interviews.

What other advantages do recrutainment formats have to offer? They see great acceptance – particularly among millennials – and make companies a discussion topic in social media as they present themselves as innovative and interactive employers. In turn, this attracts attention and initiates a positive image transfer. In brief: Recrutainment is a win-win situation for both sides.

Bottom line: The Escape Truck, the recrutainment format at automatica, is the perfect platform to address potential candidates in a creative and dynamic way, to introduce them to the requirements of jobs in the robotics and automation sector, and, most of all: to inspire them to apply.

Makeathon automatica
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More than a competition: the perfect recruitment environment.

The automatica Makeathon is the perfect opportunity to create awareness for companies among young talents and to fathom their skills at the same time.

automatica Makeathon
automatica Start-Up Arena
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Start-Up Arena—The latest in Technological Innovation

Newcomer know-how for the implementation of innovative projects within the start-up arena.

Start-Up Arena
Makeathon automatica Munich
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The best remedy for a lack of specialists? Enthusiasm.

automatica is tackling the lack of specialists in the robotics and automation domain by supporting young talent.

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