Start-Up Arena—The latest in Technological Innovation

Within the automatica Start-Up Arena, newcomers can find implementation know-how for their innovative projects, investors can find exciting investment opportunities, and representatives from the industry can discover promising candidates for technical partnerships.

  • Network: Setup and support of a global hub for start-ups in the area of robotics and automation technology.
  • Inspire: See, speak, listen, feel—exchange on all levels. Decisive knowledge edge and market overview for innovations in line with the market.
  • Experience: Innovation and competency are basic prerequisites for successful implementation of business ideas. We establish connections between start-ups and potential partners.

Actyx AG
Awen Collective
Eiratech Robotics
Faromatics SL
Gerotor GmbH
InnoRoute GmbH
Juconn GmbH
Licens3d SL
Newsight Imaging
Purple Robotics
rise technologies GmbH
RobotikUm AB
RoVi Robot Vision
SARKKIS Robotics, Lda
smapOne AG
Toposens GmbH
TruPhysics GmbH
WiTraC Comunicaciones Inteligentes SL.

Cooperation partner FundingBox

FundingBox is a community with over 15.000 subscribers where makers, entrepreneurs and innovators meet, interact and collaborate to build growth connections and win equity free funding to catalyse their growth.

Supporting program
Competitive cooperation: the makeathon development competition

The collaborative Makeathon live competition provides a framework for young professionals and students to develop innovative software and hardware...

The makeathon
Supporting program
Support for young talent to battle skills shortage: Integration Island

automatica is tackling the lack of specialists in the robotics and automation domain by supporting young talent in technical occupations.

Support for young talents
Supporting program

The escape game “The Traveler” introduces youngsters to the requirements of robotics and automation in a creative and dynamic way.