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Platform Economy—Success with digital business models

Platform economy is among the new business models experiencing highly dynamic development in the wake of the Internet of Things. It is a completely new market in the making that is already experiencing fierce competition. Where are the potentials? How to participate? What are the trends? The automatica provides extensive orientational knowledge.

Digitalization generates entirely new business models. This is achieved through platform economy, i.e. innovation partnerships between companies jointly advancing new developments to secure and expand their competitive edge. Not only does this promote the cooperation of industrial companies—it also brings together various stakeholders such as suppliers, customers, investors, research institutions, and trade associations.

Even though this topic is still relatively new to many: There already is a growing number of large IT, telecommunications, automation, and robotics companies who are in fierce competition over this emerging multi-billion-dollar market built around the Internet of Things.

We have designed this stand to reflect the sector’s practical requirements so that you can explore the potentials for your company.

Under the leadership of VDMA, we want to:

  • Provide inspiration and knowledge for new digital business models
  • Offer a dedicated space for dialog, queries, hypotheses, and solutions
  • Facilitate networking of companies, knowledge, technology, and people

For this purpose, we have developed various formats to provide easy access to the new business segment of platform economy:

In the Learning Zone, we explained basic concepts of IoT, the typology of IoT platforms, and the most significant aspects of multilateral markets, while keynotes by leading experts offered valuable insider knowledge. The Networking Area provided ample space for technical discussions and served as a presentation area for showcases.

Our partners informed you:

  • connyun, network effects on business platforms
  • Competivation Consulting, Prof. Hans-Gerd Servatius, IoT platform design
  • Cosmo Consult, showcase “Predictive Maintenance”
  • itelligence, showcase “Logistics Solution”
  • University of Potsdam, basics of platform economy

Internet of Things

  • The Internet of Things, or IoT, describes the interconnection of unambiguously identifiable physical devices using internet technology
  • It enables direct communication between networked things. The information in this network is both generated and used by things as well as humans.
  • Things can even take on active roles through actuators, hence manipulating the physical world. Humans, things, as well as the physical and virtual world hence coalesce to form an IoT that enables augmentation of products and services with intelligence in an unprecedented way.
  • IoT platforms are software systems supporting the development of smart products and services in the IoT. IoT platforms should cover as many areas of a reference model as possible to facilitate seamless development of products and services for the companies using them.

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