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People in the Smart Factory: Strong on their own. Unbeatable as a team

What is the role of analog humans in digital factories? It is an important one – as the special show by VDMA Robotics + Automation suggested. The interaction between humans and machines will increase in the future to achieve a whole new level of performance.

It is human dexterity combined with digital assistance systems that will enable the required zero-defect quality in manual assembly processes for the first time. Technology will be worn on the body: in form of a communicating wristband or augmented reality glasses. Humans and machines will communicate intuitively. Workplaces will become more ergonomic and attractive than ever before – including those in your company.

Example exhibit: the smart work glove by ProGlove. Its integrated bar code scanner was specifically designed for the requirements of production and logistics. The assistance system “Schlauer Klaus” (Smart Klaus) by Optimum datamanagement solutions uses digital guidance and machine vision to achieve zero defects and productivity increases of 20%.

Kinemic presented a wristband that can be used to control applications and processes through gestures, while the Chairless Chair exoskeleton by Noonee provided a mobile seat. The assembly assistance system Active Assist by Bosch Rexroth improves process reliability; the mobile learning platform MLS by the Foundation for Young Mechanical Engineering Talent supports mechanical engineering trainees; and the YuMi Robot by ABB showed how man and machine can literally work hand in hand.

Transition Technologies supported workers with augmented reality. Ijsfontein and Wegesrand used gamification to explain technology use.

Topics of the Special Show were:

  • Assistance Systems
  • Human-Robot Collaboration
  • Intuitive Communication and “Social Robotics”
  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality
  • Wearables and Handhelds
  • Gamification
  • Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning

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Work 4.0—Focus on the Workforce
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automatica Trending Topic—Human-Robot Collaboration
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