Industry 4.0 Special Shows

Impressions automatca Munich
Supporting program
OPC UA Demonstrator: Industry 4.0 becomes a reality

The OPC UA Demonstrator by VDMA R + A showcases the next level of standardized and manufacturer-independent data exchange for more connectivity.

OPC UA Demonstrator
automatica Messe München
Supporting program
Production of the future: Industrial Application 4.0 Showcase

The Industrial Application 4.0 showcase “smart4i NG” contains all relevant Industry 4.0 applications—from the cloud to modular sensors.

Industrial Application 4.0 Showcase
automatica Munich
Supporting program
Platform Economy—Success with digital business models

Platform Economy is promising new business models. The automatica provides orientation in this highly dynamic market.

automatica Messe München
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People in the Smart Factory: Strong on their own. Unbeatable as a team

The special show “The Role of Man in the Smart Factory” presents changing roles of people in smart factories and their benefits from digitalized production.

Smart Factory