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TV service for automatica

Are you planning to do a television report? We can help you produce your editorial reports or provide raw footage and text information.

Whether you are a TV network or an Internet portal: Our automatica TV Team is there for you and can provide you professionally produced reports, podcasts that are fully edited for picture and sound or as rough cuts with TC lists and moderation texts which you can download to all commercially available player versions or order on the medium of your choice.

Our TV services are produced by Mediabox TV on behalf of Messe München.

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Messegelände, 81823 München
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Have yourself accredited at the fair

Information for journalists about online accreditation and having yourself accredited at the fair.

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automatica Press Center

Accreditation, correspondent workstations with Internet access, free WiFi, press releases and the lounge. Snacks and beverages are also available.

Press Center
Your contacts for automatica

Direct contacts for trade journalists, daily press, business correspondents as well as TV, radio and online-media correspondents.

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