78 percent of US Workers Do Not Fear Robots

automatica Trend Index 2018

Robot installations in the United States increased for the seventh year in a row to a new peak of around 33,200 units (IFR World Robotics Report 2018). The main drivers of this growth are the general industry (e.g metal industry) and the food industry. Asked about the workplace of the future, 78 percent of US workers expect new opportunities for education and training by using robots. 74 percent welcome the chance to learn more qualified work. These are the findings of the automatica Trend Index 2018. In the USA 1,000 employees were interviewed by a market research institute on behalf of automatica, the world's leading trade fair for robotics and automation.

Today the United States represent the fourth largest operational stock of industrial robots in the world after the Asian countries China, Japan and Korea. The majority of US workers expect that digitization and robotics automation will transform the national economy by bringing back jobs that were previously located abroad (63 percent). At the same time, people welcome the idea to join forces and work in human robot teams. 77 percent think that working hand in hand with robots without safety fences will improve manufacturing. The reason for that: Human talents like judgement and fine motor skills will be combined with those of robots like force and precision. Almost 80 percent say that human machine collaboration will make US companies more competitive.

automatica trend index

For the automatica Trend Index 2018, a total of 7,000 employees, in the US (N = 1,000), China (N = 1,000), Japan (N = 1,000), Germany (N = 1,000), France (N = 1,000), Great Britain (N = 1,000) and Italy (N = 1,000) were interviewed in a representative survey of the population in January 2018 by a market research institute (online panel) on how robots and digitization are changing the working world.


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