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Study: 7,000 workers interviewed about robots + AI world-wide

For the 2018 automatica Trend Index, a total of 7,000 employees, in the US, China, Japan, Germany, France, Great Britain and Italy were interviewed on digitalization and robots.

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What workers think about the artificial intelligence

67 percent of UK workers see artificial intelligence (AI) as a technology that makes machines better assistants in the workplace.

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78 percent of US Workers Do Not Fear Robots

Robot installations in the United States increased for the seventh year in a row to a new peak of around 33,200 units (IFR World Robotics Report 2018). The main drivers of this growth are the general metal and machinery industry and the food sector.

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83 Percent of Brits Want Robots To Do The Dirty Work

Industrial robot installations in the UK increased for the third year in a row to around 2,300 units (IFR World Robotics Report 2018). This is an increase of 31 percent (2016 - 2017). Asked about the workplace of the future, UK employees want robots to take over the unhealthy (83 percent), hazardous (77 percent) or monotonous (72 percent) jobs.

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