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International travel for trade fair participants is possible under certain conditions

September 18, 2020
  • Travel from non-EU countries is now possible once again
  • Trade fair visitors are considered to be business travelers on an important mission
  • Special travel conditions apply to trade fair participants coming to Germany from abroad

In-person trade fairs have been allowed in Germany once again since September 1. The trade fair sector is still not affected by the country’s ban on major events. The rule of thumb for international visitors is: Trade fair participants may travel from all countries to Germany provided that certain conditions are met.

Travel by trade fair participants from outside Germany is now possible under certain conditions. The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry has compiled all important information regarding Germany’s entry regulations for trade fair visitors. The key facts: No travel restrictions apply to travelers from EU member countries and from countries that are included on a safe travel list. Trade fair visitors from all other countries may also enter Germany because they are considered to be business travelers on an important mission.

Documentation of trade fair participation: The key condition for entering Germany

Every trade fair participant whose country is not on the safe travel list must substantiate his or her plans to attend a trade fair. As a result, employees of companies exhibiting at a trade fair must present a document issued by the trade fair organizer that confirms the individual’s participation in the fair. Trade fair visitors may enter Germany if they can present their ticket to the fair and document that they have a business appointment with at least one exhibitor at the in-person event. This documentation must be submitted when an individual applies for a visa or seeks to enter the country, according to the German Interior Ministry.

Do travelers have to go into quarantine or be tested?

In Germany quarantine rules are set by the individual states. Individuals who are traveling to the Free State of Bavaria and were in a risk area beforehand (within 14 days), are obliged to go immediately into quarantine for a 14-day period. If travelers entering the Free State of Bavaria present a negative test not older than 48 hours, the quarantine obligation is lifted.

New rules are scheduled to take effect in Germany’s states beginning on 10/01/2020. In the future, travelers entering Germany from a risk area will be required to go into quarantine. They will be able to leave the quarantine if they test negative after a period of five days. The Association of the German Trade Fair Industry will provide information about the way and the extent to which these requirements will apply to trade fair participants on its portal.

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