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Inspired by the human brain: Artificial intelligence.

The path to autonomous production

AI has been used in automation and robotics for a while now. The question is no longer whether artificial intelligence will be used, but to what extent. And how the path to autonomous production can be purposefully followed and sensibly shortened. What will be possible in the future? What are the associated requirements? automatica offers profound analyses and insights.

One thing is clear: autonomous manufacturing extends far beyond the automated processes we have today. It refers to production processes that control, regulate and optimize themselves. In other words: processes that makes decisions independently based on their transfer and strategic planning capability.

A vision that would cause even more radical change in automated production as even the initial steps towards AI have already had enormous effects on production processes. For example, smart software can now detect patterns by processing and analyzing Big Data. For example, this enables real-time predictions and reactions. These capabilities are predominantly used in process monitoring, process control and preventive maintenance.

automatica is an opportunity for you to experience the impact of machine learning and deep learning on automated production, and to meet software experts that will show you the steps towards predictive maintenance and mobile robotics. So that your production becomes smarter while increasing performance.

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