Session chair

Prof. Dr. Darius Burschka


 at Technical University of Munich


Prof. Burschka heads the Machine Vision and Perception group at the Faculty of Informatics of the Technical University of Munich. His research focuses on topics of visual navigation, object recognition and visual modeling of dynamic scenes with special interest on optical flow based analysis of dynamic states of the scene. His research group in collaboration with Johns Hopkins University (USA) developed the highly efficient feature detector AGAST, which is an elementary part of visual registration algorithms, such as BRISK (ETHZ), and navigation algorithms, such as ORB (University of Zaragoza), and which is included in the OpenCV library used worldwide. His group developmed a 3D pointcloud based object recognition system ObjectRANSAC, which among other things won the KUKA Innovations Award 2016 at the Hanover Fair. Prof. Burschka is involved in the current Lighthouse initiatives in areas of the elderly care (Geriatronics) and KI.Fabrik, where he coordinates work on modeling of dynamic environments and action analysis. He is Editor for Computer Vision in the International Robotics Conference IROS and was previously for ICRA. He also leads the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on Computer and Robot Vision. He is a member of Science Board of the Munich Institute of Robotics and Machine Intelligence.

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