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Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid


 at University of Bamberg


"As a researcher in AI since more than 20 years, I am still fascinated by the challenge to develop AI-methods which can do things at which humans (currently) are better. For instance, machine learning has achieved a high level of performance for many application domains -- nevertheless, it is still far from the power and robustness of human concept learning. In my opinion, for a social responsible embedding of AI in work settings, health care, or eduction, it is crucial to provide AI eduction adapted to the information need for as many specific groups as possible -- be it children, persons with and without academic background, teachers, journalists, or decision makers." Prof. Dr. Ute Schmid is a professor of Cognitive Systems at University of Bamberg since 2004. She has university diplomas both in psychology and in computer science from Technical University Berlin (TUB). She received her doctoral degree and her habilitation in computer science also at TU Berlin where she was assistant professor at the Methods of AI group. Ute was a visting reseachers at Carnegie Mellon University (funded by DFG) and she worked as lecturer for Intelligent Systems at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at University Osnabrück where she was also member of the Cognitive Science Institute. Ute Schmid is member of the board of directors of the Bavarian Insistute of Digital Transformation (bidt) and a member of the Bavarian AI Council (Bayerischer KI-Rat). Since 2020 she is head of the Fraunhofer IIS project group Comprehensible AI (CAI). Ute Schmid won the Minerva Gender Equality Award of Informatics Europe 2018 for her university. Since many years, she is engaged in educating the public about artificial intelligence in general and machine learning and she gives workshops for teachers as well as high-school students about AI and machine learning. For her outreach activities she has been awarded with the Rainer-Markgraf-Preis 2020.