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Peng-Sang Cau


 at ATS Life Sciences


Peng Sang Cau joined ATS in 2020 and is responsible for the commercialization of Symphoni™; a technology ATS acquired from Transformix Engineering Inc. Peng was the President and CEO of Transformix for 21 years, a company she co-founded in her basement and took global. Peng was named IBM's Canada's Top 19 Tech Titans in 2019. Her other awards include OWIT's Women Exporter of the Year, Kingston's Businesswoman of the Year; Queens University's Jim Bennett Award; and the Kingston Chamber of Commerce Young Entrepreneur. Peng was inducted into Kingston Business Hall of Fame and was an Honorary recipient of a Diploma from St. Lawrence College. Peng travelled with Prime Minister Harpers on two Trade Missions to the Netherlands and China in 2014. She served on several boards and committees in across Ontario. Peng is a thought leader, coach, mentor, conferences speaker and has been featured in local and national media. Peng came to Canada with her family as a refugee from Cambodia.