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Sheila Beladinejad


President of Women in AI & Robotics at Women in AI & Robotics


Sheila Beladinejad is the founder and CEO of O Canada Tech & President of Women in AI & Robotics. As a software engineer with a degree in Computer Science & Industrial Engineering and over 20 years of experience in technology, she has worked on major initiatives in the telecommunication industry and is responsible for launching new products and services at a global level. Additionally, Sheila has expertise in conducting technical due diligence during the Merger and Acquisition process for investors. She helps Private Equity firms and Venture Capitalists evaluate the software side of the target companies of interest and provide risk mitigation assessments, often including a post-closure technical roadmap. She has worked on multi-million-dollar acquisitions in Europe, Canada, and the United States, evaluating and assessing the target companies' artificial intelligence, software architecture, infrastructure, and scalability. As the President of the Women in AI & Robotics, Sheila has committed to reducing the gender gap in AI & Robotics at the UN Women's Generation Equality Forum on a personal level and on behalf of Women in AI & Robotics. Sheila is dedicated to increasing women's representation in AI & Robotics through building a strong network of support from experts in our communities, advocacy, education, mentorship, hackathons and startup accelerator programs.