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Mayte Carracedo


Co-founder & Partnerships and Business Development Manager at Fundingbox Accelerator


Ms. Mayte Carracedo is one of the Co-Founders and Chief of Development and Partnerships Officer at FundingBox. She has a degree in Political Sciences and International Studies by the University of Santiago de Compostela, master in European policies by the ULB (Belgium) and MBA by EAE. Mayte has been active for the last 20 years in public funding for innovation, taking part in international projects with different roles. She is currently coordinating the FundingBox Clustering Initiative, gathering a total of 40 projects around specific thematic areas in order to improve their value within the company and also for our ecosystem of partners and stakeholders. These areas are: 1) Trailblazers, that connects projects around AI, Blockchain, Data and Next Generation Internet; 2) TechTransfer; 3) Manufacturing and 4) Digital Innovation Hubs. She is also responsible for enlarging the FundingBox network through the establishment of collaborations with new partners.