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Prof. Dr. Alena Buyx


 at TUM Institute of History and Ethics in Medicine


"AI will sooner or later permeate our everyday lives. This raises a number of ethical and social challenges for which we need interdisciplinary exchange and collaborative formats." Prof. Dr. med. Alena Buyx has been Professor of Ethics in Medicine and Health Technologies and Director of the Institute of History and Ethics in Medicine at Technical University of Munich since 2018. She has previously held appointments at the University of Kiel, University of Münster, Harvard University, and University College London; and she was Assistant Director of the Nuffield Council on Bioethics, London. Professor Buyx is a medical doctor with postgraduate degrees in philosophy and sociology. Her research spans the whole field of biomedical and public health ethics, with a particular focus on ethics of medical innovation and health technologies, research ethics, questions of solidarity and justice in contexts such as public health and health care provision, and novel participatory approaches in biomedicine and beyond. She has expertise in theoretical ethical analysis as well as in empirical, mixed-methods approaches and policy development. In addition to research and teaching, Professor Buyx is active in the political and regulatory aspects of biomedical ethics. She has been a member of the German Ethics Council since 2016 and has been the chair since 2020. Since 2019 she has been a member of the WHO Expert Advisory Committee on Developing Global Standards for Governance and Oversight of Human Genome Editing. In 2020 she was elected to the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina as a member of the Epistemology Section.