Visitors and exhibitors holding a conversation at automatica

Positive feedback is one of the best rewards for our exhibition team. Especially when it comes from experienced professionals and is spread as internationally as it is for automatica. Read the authentic statements of our exhibitors, trade visitors and renowned experts.

Opinions and reports of personal experiences from the fair's participants

Visitor statements from automatica 2016

Ilse Aigner, Bavarian State Minister for Economic Affairs and Media, Energy and Technology
”We want to be a leading supplier and leading market for Industry 4.0. To this end, an international marketplace is critical to ascertain the current state of developments and establish international contacts at regular intervals. Consequently, I very much welcome the fact that Messe München provides the platform IT2Industry at AUTOMATICA and makes digitalization a focal topic with it. AUTOMATICA is the leading trade fair for robotics and automation. It has great importance for the establishment of Germany as a leading Industry 4.0 nation, with Bavaria as one of its most important business and research sites.”

Dr. Phil Crothers, Senior Manager Materials and Manufacturing Technology, Boeing Research & Technology—Europe
”The AUTOMATICA in Munich is a platform for automation professionals worldwide to discuss factory automation, digitalization, Industry 4.0 and how they will shape the factory of the future.”

Andra Keay, Managing Director Silicon Valley Robotics
”Robots are fascinating but it’s actually the people who build robots that I find most interesting. AUTOMATICA is a wonderful collection of experts in the field of robotics and the emerging technologies. Germany has such a reputation for excellent robotics particularly in industrial robotics that I certainly expected to see this great perfusion of advances technologies. What was a surprise to me is the amount of effort that I’m seeing in the emerging area and service robotics and the funding startups. I think that is new and I’m excited by that. The United States likes to see itself as being in the lead. What I see now when I’m traveling around is that the US needs to look behind and try not to be overtaken by countries that are putting a lot of effort into growing robotics technologies.”

Song Xiaogang, General Secretary of the China Robotics Industry Alliance (CRIA)
”AUTOMATICA is absolutely one of the leading trade fairs for Automation and Robotics, which gives a very strong impression to the Chinese visitors and exhibitors. Through communication and exchange, CRIA delegation believe, there is a bright future of Sino-German cooperation in automation and robotics.”

Exhibitor statements about automatica 2016

Philipp Enzel, Marketing Director at teamtechnik Group
“We are simply enthralled, as always. AUTOMATICA has been the most important trade fair for us in the automotive area. Now, it has also become firmly established in the medical engineering sector.”

“Human-machine solutions as well as software-based systems set the tone of AUTOMATICA and depict a future of automated mechanical manufacturing. We were very pleased by the high proportion of foreign visitors, participants from various industries and the mixture of experts and decision-makers from the upper-level management whom we were able to welcome at our booth.”

Peter Guse, Managing Director at Robert Bosch Startup GmbH
“AUTOMATICA has clearly exceeded my expectations. The mixture of the large-scale robotics industry, which traditionally deals with the topic, small firms and startups, such as the ones we cultivate, make the trade fair so exciting. I clearly consider AUTOMATICA to be the leading trade fair for automation in Europe.”

Martin Hägele, Head of the Robots and Assistance Systems Division at Fraunhofer IPA
“AUTOMATICA is the main trade fair platform for us where we come in contact with our target groups and are able to present our great range of products to industry for production of the future.”

Chris Harbert, Director of Sales, Manufacturing Solutions, Global Research & Education Markets at Rethink Robotics
“Manufacturing in Germany is undergoing a major overhaul, and automation is playing a significant role in that transformation. AUTOMATICA is a great venue to learn about the latest developments in automation, and to speak directly with manufacturers who are implementing these changes on their factory floors.”

Dr. Heinol-Heikkinen, Managing Partner of Asentics Vision Technology GmbH & Co. KG
“The consistency and the purposefulness in the continuous development of AUTOMATICA and the very good depiction of highly innovative topic areas have once again met our expectations this year. Above all, the topic of Industry 4.0 and especially the demonstrations created specifically for it have left a lasting impression on me.”

Dr. of Eng. Yoshiharu Inaba, Representative Member of the Board, President and CEO of FANUC Corporation
“This fair is great and needs not fear comparison with other robotic trade fairs worldwide.”

Stefan Lorenz, Sales Manager at Südbayern Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG
“AUTOMATICA provides an optimum platform to show our products to national and international visitors as well as to conduct intensive and specific discussions.”

Per Vegard Nerseth, Head of ABB Robotics
“Automatica completely fulfilled our expectations once again. The trade fair is always a good opportunity to talk with top decision-makers from German companies where the topics of digitalization and Industry 4.0 are on the agenda. This year we also had the opportunity to talk with new clients from North/South America and Asia that are looking for flexible and high-efficiency solutions for their production and consequently are moving in the direction of the factory of the future.”

Cornelia Püschel, Managing Partner and CEO at Püschel Automation GmbH & Co. KG
“The number of visitors at this year's AUTOMATICA and the international audience exceeded our expectations. The focal topic Industry 4.0 was examined from many angles.”

Rolf Rihs, President of the Mikron Automation Division
“AUTOMATICA is the best platform in Europe for Mikron to show our core competencies in the assembly automation sector to a wide circle of customers.”

Massimilano Ruffo, Chief Executive Officer Terabee
“The most convincing thing to participate in the exhibition: It is a place where business takes place. We have been at many events and won a lot of awards in the last few years but the most important thing is business. AUTOMATICA is the place to make this real and we are very pleased to be here. We have experienced a great hospitality from the whole Team.”

Prof. Alin Olimpiu Albu-Schäffer, Institute Director at the German Center for Aerospace
“AUTOMATICA also opened up new opportunities for collaboration for us, particularly in the industry-related research area. AUTOMATICA is our most important trade fair.”

Bruno Schnekenburger, President and Division Director, Robotics Division at Yaskawa Europe
“AUTOMATICA is and remains the leading exhibition for us in the field of robotics. Consequently, we have again presented a number of innovations to the public for the first time. The mood this year was very good, and we had a lot of qualified and international contacts at our booth.”

Henrik A. Schunk, Managing Partner, SCHUNK GmbH & Co. KG
“AUTOMATICA 2016 has demonstrated impressively what innovation power, development dynamics and potential lie in modern production automation. In a few years, collaboration between humans and robots, the mechatronization of handling processes and the digitalization of production in the wake of Industry 4.0 will be a matter of course. The high quality of visitor contacts was striking. AUTOMATICA in Munich once again demonstrated its position as one of the world's leading trade fairs for robotics and automation.”

Mr. Volker Spanier, Head of Factory Automation at Epson Deutschland GmbH
“AUTOMATICA is a trade fair with strategic value for us. The feedback from visitors will help us to launch the products, which we exhibited, optimally on the market. The trade fair is a set date for us, not the least thanks to the high-quality international audience.”

Dr. Norbert Stein, Chairperson of VDMA Robotics + Automation and Managing Partner of VITRONIC GmbH
“The quality of visitors at AUTOMATICA increased once again, and they were able to meet top-rate technology experts at the booths. The high level on both sides is unique.”

Gerald Vogt, Managing Director, Stäubli Robotics.
“AUTOMATICA exceeded our high expectations by far. Great atmosphere, more qualified trade visitors at our booth than ever and an outstanding response to our new robot series TX2 that sets standards in Industry 4.0 and MRC. Not to forget the professional environment of Messe München. I can only say: Well done Munich; we will be back!”

Graduated Engineer Christof Zollitsch, Managing Director of STEMMER IMAGING
“AUTOMATICA represents a unique trade fair platform thanks to its thematic linking of robotics, handling technology and machine vision that has more than proven its worth for us as a supplier of machine vision technologies. We were able to welcome more national and international visitors at our booth this year than at the previous events. Many of the interesting discussions were already in relation to specific projects. Consequently, AUTOMATICA 2016 was a complete success from my point of view.”